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Saol an mhadra bháin

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Do you know someone who enjoys a life of leisure?

Maybe it’s yourself?!

Here is a useful phrase in Irish when you want to describe the easy life:


Saol an mhadra bháin

the easy life (lit. the life of the white dog!)

Tá saol an mhadra bháin agam ó thosaigh mé sa bpost nua

I’m enjoying an easy life since I started the new job

Bhí saol an mhadra bháin i gcónaí ag an bhfear sin

That fella always had it easy!

Nach agatsa atá saol an mhadra bháin?

Isn’t it yourself that has it easy? 


The easy life

An bhfuil aithne agat ar aon duine a bhfuil saol an mhadra bháin acu?

Do you know anyone who is living the easy life?

(Any ideas where this expression came from? Is it that the beautiful white dog would never have been sent out to work on the farm, and got to laze by the fire instead?!)


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