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"Irish is a really difficult language"


I have heard this far too often from people who have spent too long trying to learn Irish on their own; or only using Duolingo. Let me show you the best way to learn Irish and help you make rapid progress using my Structured Irish method. I've helped so many people learn to speak Irish, and I'd love to help you too!


Dia duit!

Is mise Patricia Nic Eoin.

I am from Kinvara, a small village in the west of Ireland, and I am a fluent Irish speaker.

I guarantee that your confidence and proficiency speaking Irish will improve beyond recognition with me as your guide!

I'd love to help you learn to speak the Irish language, so feel free to reach out today!

"Caution is advised as learning Irish in this way is likely addictive"

Speaking as someone who has made many attempts over the years to learn Irish I can say that this method is unlike any other. In other courses I'd have to force myself to study. In this course all I wanted to do was study! For the first time ever I feel I have a foundation - nearly what I would call a secret key - to this beautiful language."

Maeve Reilly, Minnesota, USA

Mo Scéal / My Story  


I've worked with some of the biggest names in language learning (the Michel Thomas Method; the Olly Richards Language Learning Series) and have been teaching Irish to adults for over five years. More recently I have combined all of my experience to develop Structured Irish, my own unique methodology for helping people learn to speak Irish.

Structured Irish is a simple and straightforward method in which a little extra time is devoted to teaching the structure of the language. This lays a solid foundation and banishes the confusion which so many learners experience when learning Irish using other methods.

Structured Irish is not about learning rules or words off by heart, but is all about understanding the structure of the language; equipping you with the ability to construct your own sentences and have real conversations in as short a time as possible. I also use songs, poems and practice conversations so that the correct sounds and rhythm of the language became ingrained, along with the structure.

I'm a qualified solicitor and have spent time working in TG4, and at the European Commission in Brussels where I worked on the translation of legal documents into Irish. I've written a series of children's books in Irish and translated many other books from French and English into Irish.

In my spare time I love nothing more than jumping into the sea in Salthill, Galway, where I now live. A quick swim round the buoys (extra quick on a cold day!) and I am set up for the day!

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