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NEW! Preparatory course for the TEG A2 exam in Spring 2024

This comprehensive course is NEW and covers EVERYTHING needed to pass the TEG A2 exam in Spring 2024. 

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Irish for Beginners

Set a solid foundation for learning the Irish Language online for beginners. The next course starts on Oct 3rd. Live and self-study options.

Beginner Irish

Beyond Beginner 

A course to build your vocabulary and fluency speaking Irish through real-life conversations. The next course starts on Oct 3rd. Live and self-study options.

Beyond Beginner

Self Study Courses

Learn everything you need to know about how to use verbs in Irish in the present and future tenses. These courses are based around real-life conversations.

Self Study Courses



Learn Irish online with Irish literature and improve your listening and reading skills. Irish literature is one of the best Irish learning resources you can use!

Irish Literature

Beginner Irish

Learn to speak Irish in the easiest and quickest way possible with my Beginner Irish course. This is a carefully structured course which will give you a rock solid foundation for learning Irish.

Register now for the next course starting on October 3rd. Places are limited.

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Beyond Beginner

 In Beyond Beginner we use practice conversations to work on pronunciation and to build your confidence when speaking Irish. This course is available in both live and self-study options. Register now for the next course starting on October 3rd. Places are limited.

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TEG A2 (Preparation for Spring 2024 exam)

This course covers ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING needed to pass the TEG A2 exam in Spring 2024. Register anytime for this course in preparation to sit the exam in Spring 2024.

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Self Study Courses

Learn everything you need to know about how to use the Present and Future Tenses in Irish with confidence. These courses are based entertaining conversations, and are packed with useful phrases to use in everyday conversation. The Future Tense course includes a bonus weather-related lesson!

The Present Tense
The Future Tense

Irish Literature and Poetry

 Learn Irish by listening to great Irish literature and poetry. These self-study courses are aimed at intermediate and advanced learners and make great works of Irish literature and poetry accessible to anyone learning Irish. The audio recordings on both courses are by Joe Ó Fátharta, a native Irish speaker, and are a joy to listen to!

Learn Irish Through Poetry
Learn Irish Through Literature

Kristin Dowell


"I highly recommend the Beginner Irish course. I have learned more in this course than in an entire year in other online Irish language courses. Patricia is a wonderful, encouraging teacher who makes each week's Irish language learning so much fun."

Catrina O'Donohue

Co. Westmeath

"This is the best Irish language course I have ever done. The online platform is so helpful with recorded classes, worksheets and quizzes. I have already signed up to do another class."

Eric Funston


"I've taken three online Irish language courses with Patricia; all have been excellent. The course material is extremely well presented. Patricia is very personable and puts everyone at ease. I cannot recommend the All About Irish courses highly enough."

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