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How to say my, your, his, her etc. in Irish

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Watch the short video above to learn pretty much everything you need to know about how to use the possessive pronouns with ease in Irish! The possessive pronouns are used A LOT, so make sure that you know exactly how to handle them if you are learning Irish. Here are a couple more examples that are not on the video:


Coming after / following

Here is how we say that someone is coming behind/after us in Irish:

Tháinig sé i mo dhiaidh

Think of this as literally meaning 'he came in my wake'

i mo dhiaidh / after me

i do dhiaidh / after you

ina dhiaidh / after him

ina diaidh / after her

i bhur ndiaidh / after you (pl.)

ina ndiaidh / after them

inár ndiaidh / after us

Rith an tarbh inár ndiaidh! / The bull ran after us

Céard a tharla ina dhiaidh sin? / What happened after that


Against me

To say that someone is against you in Irish use 'i mo choinne' or 'i m'aghaidh'.

Bíonn tú i gcónaí ag argóint i mo choinne / You always argue against me

An raibh siad go léir i d'aghaidh ag an gcruinniú? / Were they all against you at the meeting


There are loads of more examples like this! Now you can see why the possessive pronouns are so important in Irish - they're needed for lots of idiomatic expressions; not just to talk about ownership ('my bag' etc.) You will even need to know the possessive pronouns if you want to talk about where you live in Irish.


Test Yourself!

How well do you know the possessive pronouns in Irish now?

Download this handy summary pdf and try out the questions on page 2. 

Click here to download the summary sheet and questions

You will find the answers on page 3.

Did you get 100%?


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