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4 Great Books about Irish (in English)

tips for learning irish

If you're interested in the Irish language here are four great books for you to enjoy. These books cater for anyone with an interest in Irish - from the fluent Irish speaker to somebody with no Irish at all. These books contain information about many different aspects of the Irish language including the ups and downs of learning Irish; the historical and social context of the language; and the treasure trove of the language which is contained in Irish placenames.

All of these books are easily available from any good bookstore, or the usual online bookstores.


1. Coming Home / Michael Mc Caughan



2. Anseo / Úna-Minh Kavanagh



3. Gaeilge - A Radical Revolution / Caoimhín de Barra



4. That place we call home / John Creedon



How to learn Irish

Learning Irish is a great challenge to take on, and people decide to learn Irish for many different reasons - it might be to connect with your Irish ancestry; to get a better understanding of Irish culture; or perhaps it's just 'unfinished business' after previous attempts to learn the language haven't gone quite so well. I firmly believe that anyone can learn Irish. It's not an 'extra difficult' language, as some might believe after years of trying to learn Irish in the school system. However, there are significant differences between the structure of the English language and that of Irish. For this reason All About Irish courses focus very much on building a rock solid understanding of the structure of the language. This approach happens right from the start with the Beginner Irish course, and is built into the Beyond Beginner and Learn Irish Through Conversation courses. Read more about All About Irish courses here, or send any questions through this form: Contact All About Irish.

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