Beyond Beginner 


A course for intermediate level learners to build conversational skill and confidence speaking Irish


 "This is the best Irish course I have ever done. The classes are fantastic and the online platform is excellent, with videos, audio and worksheets. I have already signed up for another course". 

Catrina O'Donohoe, Co. Westmeath

Gain confidence speaking Irish by improving your pronunciation and increasing your vocabulary in just 8 lessons

Use practice conversations to work on pronunciation and build your confidence when speaking Irish. 

Complete the lessons in your own time and at your own pace.

"Beyond Beginner is an excellent fast-paced course packed with information and in digestible chunks."

Rosie Carey, Co. Galway

How exactly does the course work?

Beyond Beginner Irish 2 is a comprehensive course comprising self-study content delivered online with full support.

The online content comprises explanatory video; audio recording of a short everyday conversation; online quiz and worksheet.

Full support is included: ask questions at anytime in the online class forum.

Continue to access all the course for a minimum of one year from the date of purchase.


All your questions answered by email or in the online forum.


Practice speaking Irish using the audio recordings supplied. 


Review your progress after each lesson with short online quizzes and worksheets.


A little bit about me...

Patricia Nic Eoin is ainm dom. I've worked with some of the big names in language learning (the Michel Thomas Method; the Olly Richards Story Learning series) and I've also deveoped my own courses for teaching Irish.

I'm a qualified solicitor and I've worked as an Irish language translator at the European Commission in Brussels. I live in Galway city, but am originally from the small village of Kinvara on the south shores of Galway Bay.

"Beyond Beginner is a fantastic course and Patricia is a brilliant teacher. Her encouragement and dedication to her students is first class. For anyone who wants to learn Irish I highly recommend Patricia and All About Irish."

Claire Louise McNamara, Westport


Self-Study (almost!)


  • Self-study course built around 8 conversations
  • 8  x explanatory videos; 8 x conversation audio tracks; 8 x speaking practice audio tracks 
  • Downloadable course handbook with clear, concise explanations
  • Downloadable booklet with texts of all conversations in English and Irish 
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Support - questions answered by email or in online forum
  • Access to the online content for a minimum of one year from the date of purchase

What exactly is included?



Your questions answered as they arise during the course.

You can use the forum within your account, or email me directly.

Course Materials

Explanatory videos, recorded audio conversations and a comprehensive course booklet and worksheets are all included.

Easy Access

Access the materials on your computer or on your phone via a free app.

Slow down the conversation speed and learn at your own pace.


"Patricia's course is very do-able, with the knowledge broken into very digestible chunks within each lesson. I really enjoyed and benefited from this course."

Maggie Whelan, Oxford