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How to say 'Happy New Year' in Irish

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Listen to the short clip above and learn how to say 'Happy New Year' in Irish. 'Maise' is the Irish word for 'beauty' or 'prosperity' and it is used in this phrase to wish someone a prosperous year ahead.


An Athbhliain / The New Year

The prefix 'ath' is part of the Irish word for 'new year'. You might have noticed this prefix before in other words and phrase such as:

Athchúrsáil / Recycling

If someone has a habit of repeating themselves over and over you might say:

Tá sé ráite agus athráite agat / You've said it and resaid it

'Ath' has the meaning of 'repeat' / 're'.

So 'athbhliain' is literally a 're-year', a re-run at the year!


Duit or Daoibh?

Use 'duit' when speaking to just one person; and 'daoibh' when speaking to more than one person.

'Duit' means 'to you'; and 'daoibh' means 'to ye' (you plural).

In Connacht Irish 'duit' is more commonly pronounced as 'dhuit'; and 'daoibh' is 'dhaoibh'.

This 'dh' sound doesn't exist in English and so can take a little practice to master!


Wishing someone luck

If you want to wish someone luck for the year ahead you could say:

Tá súil agam nach rithfidh ach an t-ádh leat i mbliana!

I hope that only good luck runs with you this year!



Rúin na hAthbhliana / New Year's Resolutions

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