Preparatory course for the TEG A2 Irish Language exam 2024

✓ A comprehensive course with full support including live and self-study components
✓ Absolutely EVERYTHING you need to succeed in the TEG A2 Irish language exam in June 2024
âś“ Finally get to grips with the Irish language...

... AND GET A STATE RECOGNISED QUALIFICATION while you're at it! Pass the TEG A2 exam with flying colours!


Preparatory course for the TEG A2 Irish Language exam 2024

✓ A comprehensive course with full support including live and self-study components
✓ Absolutely EVERYTHING you need to succeed in the TEG A2 Irish language exam in 2024
✓ Finally get to grips with the Irish language...


Dia duit, is mise Patricia. I know that it can be difficult to remain consistent when learning a language.

Studying for a state recognised exam is a great way to stay MOTIVATED and to ensure that you progress to FLUENCY!

This course contains EVERYTHING you need to pass the TEG A2 exam in June 2024

Reasons to take an exam in Irish

➔ A defined and realistic goal to motivate you on your journey towards fluency in Irish

âž” Get a sense of achievement

âž” Set yourself up for success towards becoming a fluent Irish speaker!

âž” Acquire an internationally recognised language qualification

➔ Progress on to B1 /B2 levels (the required level for entry to teacher training courses)


Making the decision to sit an exam in Irish is a great motivator and will help you to continue on your path towards fluency in the Irish language. This course covers absolutely EVERYTHING you will need to ensure that you pass the level A2 exam with flying colours.



But sitting an exam in Irish sounds really difficult!

It's actually a lot easier than you think - if you follow this course step by step between now and Spring 2024! This course includes everything you need to ensure your success.

A Live Lesson with me each month

Join me for a live lesson on the last Friday of each month (excluding December), right up to the date of the exam in June 2024

Online ciorcal comhrá

Join the online facilitated Irish language speaking circle every month and gain confidence speaking Irish

Find a language partner

Use the member's directory to find a language partner in Ireland or anywhere in the world who is also taking the course

Course Materials

This course includes ALL of the materials you will need to pass the exam; including video and audio files; worksheets and course booklet

Learn on the go!

Use the online course materials whenever and wherever you like. Learn at your own pace using the free downloadable app.

Preparation for Oral Exam

The module devoted exclusively to the oral part of the exam will ensure that you are relaxed and confident on the day!

What's included in the course:


€ 247


  • Explanatory videos and conversation videos for each of the 14 topics on the TEG A2 syllabus
  • Monthly live group lesson online on the last Friday of each month (excluding December) based on the 14 topics; and an optional online speaking practice session midway each month
  • Members' Directory to connect with other students (optional)
  • Downloadable course booklet, worksheets and quizzes 
  • Full Support: All questions answered as they arise in the online forum or at the monthly live lesson
  • Access the course content via the website, or with a free downloadable app
  • Access to online content for a minimum of 1 year


14 Day Refund Policy
I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. If you discover that this course is not right for you just email me within 14 days of the date of purchase to arrange a full refund.

After taking this course (whether or not you ultimately choose to sit the exam):

  • You will be able to hold a conversation in Irish on various topics
  • You will know HOW to continue on your journey towards becoming a fluent Irish speaker
  • You will enjoy speaking to others and no longer feel intimidated when you hear Irish
  • You will have lost any self-limiting beliefs you may have around learning Irish
  • You will have gotten to know other Irish speakers in Ireland and all over the world

Obtain an internationally recognised qualification in the Irish language in June 2024!

The 14 topics covered in the TEG A2 syllabus:

  • Topic 1: Social Occasions
  • Topic 2: The household
  • Topic 3: Pastimes
  • Topic 4: Daily travel
  • Module 5: Work matters 
  • Module 6: The weekend
  • Module 7: Food and drink
  • Topic 8: Health and illness
  • Topic 9: Describing people
  • Topic 10: Clothes and shopping
  • Topic 11: Holidays
  • Topic 12: Directions and movement
  • Topic 13: Requests and permission
  • Topic 14: Making arrangements