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Bhí bean ag Joe / Joe had a wife

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This little poem is a real tongue-twister! Listen carefully to the pronunciation and then give it a go yourself. The words (in Irish and English) are below. This is a great way to improve your pronunciation in Irish, and have fun at the same time! Click on the video above to listen to a recording. You can slow the speed of the video up or down.

Lá ag baint mhóna / A day cutting turf

If you liked this little rabhlóg (tongue twister) and found it quite easy, then try this one, about a day spent cutting turf. It's not quite so easy!


How to learn Irish

Listening to songs and poems is a great way to learn Irish, and listening to simple poems/songs such as this is ideal for tuning your ear to correct pronunciation. Although this is a very simple little poem it is useful for anyone learning Irish: if you are a beginner then it's a nice way to learn some new words and phrases (and very importantly how to talk about 'having' something in Irish); if you are an intermediate learner then use short poems/songs such as this to focus on the sounds of the Irish language. If you want to learn Irish efficiently, in as short a time as possible, then check out my courses. All About Irish offers Irish language courses online at Beginner level and beyond. I also offer the unique Learning Irish Through Poetry, and Learning Irish Through Literature courses for intermediate and advanced learners. You can read all about the various courses here. If you have any questions at all you can contact me here

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