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How to say 'I did it' in Irish

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If you get to the top of a mountain, or achieve a goal that you have set yourself, you will need to know how to say 'I did it' in Irish. Here are a couple of ways to say that you achieved your goal. 


To achieve a target: Bain + amach


The Irish for a 'goal' or a 'target' is sprioc. The verb bain is used when talking about reaching a target/achieving a goal. Bain literally means 'extract', but when used with amach (out) it means 'achieve':

Bhain muid an sprioc amach / We reached the target

Bhain muid barr an tsléibhe amach / We reached the top of the mountain

Bhain muid Baile Átha Cliath amach roimh am lóin / We reached Dublin before lunchtime


To succeed: Éirigh + le

The verb éirigh on its own means 'get up':

D'éirigh mé ag a hocht a chlog ar maidin / I got up at eight o'clock in the morning

When followed by the preposition le however éirigh means 'succeed':

D'éirigh le Seán! / Seán succeeded

D'éirigh liom! / I succeeded

D'éirigh linn! / We succeeded

Éireoidh leat, tá mé cinnte faoi sin! / You will succeed, I'm sure about that!


The top of the mountain

I hope that you enjoyed the short video of my trip to Toubkal in Morocco, and learned a few new words about mountains and achieving a goal!

an sliabh / the mountain

barr an tsléibhe / the top of the mountain

Another word for the top of a mountain is mullach; and this word is common in many places names in Ireland.

Mullach is usually anglicised as Mullagh:

Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo (in original Irish: An Mullach Mór / the great summit).


How to learn Irish

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