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Stoirmeacha / storms

useful phrases

Storms happen pretty regularly in Ireland, and so it's a good idea to be familiar with the common words and phrases which will crop up in weather forecasts when a storm is on the way. Don't forget that you can slow the speed of the video down by clicking on the cogwheel on the control bar right under the video.


Leathfaidh an bháisteach / The rain will spread

Leathfaidh an bháisteach is unfortunately a phrase that is heard far too often in Ireland! Even if there isn't a storm on the way there's a very high probability that you'll hear this sentence in any weather forecast! 

You might think of 'half' when you hear the word leath (e.g. leathuair / a half an hour; ag leath ama / at half time); but 'leath' is also a verb which means 'spread'. You might spread butter on the bread: Leathaim im ar an arán / I spread butter on the bread.


Baol toirní / A risk of thunder

Toirneach is the Irish word for 'thunder'; and this becomes toirní to mean 'of thunder' after another noun ('toirní' is the genitive form of the word). 

Where there's toirneach there's usually tintreach (lightning) too.

Tormáil toirní / A roll of thunder

Chuala muid an toirneach ag tormán lasmuigh / We heard the thunder rumbling outside


If you liked this short weather forecast you can have a listen to another one here.


Listening to the weather forecast in Irish is a great way to learn Irish as the same words and phrases will crop up again and again. This is a great way to improve your listening skills. If you'd like to learn more Irish with me have a look at the courses I offer here. I offer both self-study courses in Irish and live classes online. If you've any questions at all about the Irish language or how to learn Irish you can contact me here.

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