Learn Irish Through Conversation


Learn absolutely everything you need to know about how to use the Future Tense in Irish with confidence....




Increase your confidence

Learn how to construct sentences correctly in the future tense, and stop wondering whether what you are saying is correct or not!

Packed with useful everyday phrases

The conversations within the course are packed with useful idiomatic expressions that you will not find in a textbook. Take your conversational Irish to the next level.

Understand the structure of Irish

In this course you will learn how to construct sentences in the future tense in Irish using my systematic building block method.

"I'm never sure if what I am saying is correct or not!"

It can be challenging to hold a conversation in Irish until you get a good understanding of the structure of the language.

Without this understanding there will be confusion. Confusion causes hesitation, and hesitation leads to a lack of flow in conversation.

Listen to entertaining, real life conversations, and learn all you need to know about how to use the future tense correctly when speaking Irish.


How exactly does the course work?

The course is divided into five short, manageable lessons, and each lesson is based around an amusing conversation. The course also includes a bonus lesson about the weather.

Access the course content via the free app; or thought the All About Irish website. 




Watch a short explanatory video and learn about a new aspect of the future tense in each lesson.


Listen to an amusing conversation in Irish; highlighting examples of one particular aspect of the future tense.


Read the text of the conversation to learn new words and phrases. The text is available in English and Irish.


A little bit about me...

Patricia Nic Eoin is ainm dom. I've worked with some of the big names in language learning (the Michel Thomas Method; the Olly Richards Story Learning series) and I've also deveoped my own courses for teaching Irish.

I'm a qualified solicitor and I've worked as an Irish language translator at the European Commission in Brussels. I live in Galway city, but am originally from the small village of Kinvara on the south shores of Galway Bay.

You've already tried...


Duolingo is a great place to start learning Irish....but it's just a start! It's time to listen in on some real life conversations and make some real progress!

TV and Radio

Listening to Irish language TV and Radio can be initially challenging for a learner due to the speed of the speech. Listen and learn with the conversations in this course at a pace that suits you.


Why spend hours grappling with text books and grammar books trying to learn Irish on your own when I can teach it to you in no time at all!


Everything you need to know in just five lessons!

‚ā¨ 87


  • 5 comprehensive lessons, each based around a real life conversation
  • 5¬† x explanatory videos; 5 x conversation audio tracks; 1 x audio track with all conversations
  • Downloadable course handbook with clear, concise explanations
  • Downloadable booklet with texts of all conversations in English and Irish; and including tables of useful phrases
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Access to the course for a minimum of one year from date of purchase
  • Support: ask questions by email, or in the course forum
  • BONUS CONTENT:¬†a bonus lesson based around weather forecasts!


The small print:

I want you to be happy with your purchase. If you discover that this course is not quite right for you just email me within 14 days of the date of purchase to arrange a full refund.

What exactly is included?


Course Materials

Explanatory videos, recorded audio conversations and comprehensive course booklets and worksheets, and a bonus lesson on weather forecasts, are all included.

Easy Access

Access the materials on your computer or on your phone via a free app.

Slow down the conversation speed and learn at your own pace.


Your questions answered as they arise during the course.

You can use the forum within your account, or email me directly.