I really enjoyed using the Michel Thomas Method to learn Irish. Patricia and Eilís were great, really kind and encouraging instructors.
— Amie LaJoie, participant on Michel Thomas Irish pilot programme

What participants on the pilot programme have to say about the michel thomas method:

In listening to the recordings learning became easy, and language ingrained.
— Lennita Ruggi,Participant on the Michel Thomas Pilot Programme

What is unusual about the Michel Thomas Method?

First and foremost, the Michel Thomas Method is grounded in the philosophy that learning a new language should be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Such an environment provides optimal learning conditions and accelerates the learning process.

The Method breaks the language down into its most basic components. Within the first hour you will already be constructing simple sentences and will have gained confidence in your ability to learn the language.

The basic structures underpinning the language are clearly explained in everyday language.

No homework, no reading, no writing, no stress!

Why did we want to create the Michel Thomas Method for learning Irish course?

We know that many people struggle to learn Irish and that they believe it to be a very difficult language to learn.

However, we definitely don’t agree that it should be like this!

Having taught adults for many years using Michel Thomas principles we both firmly believe that this course will give anyone learning Irish a truly solid foundation.

To prepare for the recording of the course we carried out a pilot programme with participants in Galway city. This programme was a huge success and participants were astounded at how much they learned and how much their confidence with the language grew.

Go on, give it a go!

Try the one hour Start course and dazzle yourself with your progress!

The full eight hour Foundation course is coming soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of the release date.

Finally, who was Michel Thomas?

Michel Thomas was born into a wealthy Jewish family in Poland in 1914. He reputedly mastered 10 languages. During the second world war he worked with the French resistance. Tragically, Michel’s parents and most of his extended family died in Auschwitz. After the war Michel emigrated to Los Angeles where he opened a language school. Recordings of his audio courses in French, German, Italian and Spanish proved immensely popular, and since his death in 2005 his method has been used by other instructors to teach many languages, however this is the first time that a Celtic language has been included in the Michel Thomas catalogue.

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