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Ní neart go cur le chéile

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The word neart in Irish has lots of uses, and is a great word to know!

First of all, neart can be used to mean strength:


Theip ar an neart aige ag deireadh a shaoil.

His strength failed him at the end of his life.

Thit sé den rothar de bharr neart na gaoithe.

He fell off the bike due to the strength of the wind.

And then there is the verb ‘neartaigh’ - strengthen:

Neartaigh an ghaoth thar oíche agus bhí sé ina stoirm ar maidin.

The wind strengthened overnight and it was blowing a storm by morning.


Glory Days!

When someone is at the top of their powers, at full strength, you can say that they are ‘ina neart’ (in their strength):

Ba pheileadóir bhreá í nuair a bhí sí ina neart.

She was a great footballer in her day.


From strength to strength

This is a very common expression in Irish to say that things are on the up!

Tá rudaí ag dul ó neart go neart!

Things are going from strength to strength!

Tá cúrsaí ag dul i neart.

Things are improving (lit. getting stronger)

Bhí an stoirm ag dul i neart

The storm was increasing.



We often use ‘a lán’ or ‘go leor’ to mean that we have plenty of something in Irish. But the word ‘neart’ can also be used to indicate a real abundance of something.

Tóg go bog é, tá neart ama againn!

Take it easy, we’ve loads of time!

Ná bí buartha, beidh neart deiseanna eile ann mura n-éiríonn leat an uair seo.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of other opportunities if you don’t succeed this time.

Tá neart airgid agat! Ná bí chomh sprionlaithe!

You’ve got plenty of money! Don’t be so stingy!

Ní bheidh tú díomhaoin….tá neart le déanamh thart anseo.

You won’t be idle…there’s plenty to be done around here.



The word ‘neart’ is used also to talk about ability to do something….in fact, it’s very frequently used to talk about lack of ability or control over something:

Níl neart agam air.

I can’t help it / There’s nothing I can do about it. (lit. I have no strength over it)

Ná bí ag gearán! Níl aon neart agam ar an aimisir!

Don’t be complaining! I have no control over the weather!

Níl neart agam ar an gcaoi a mbraithim.

I’ve no control over how I feel.

Lig do scíth! Níl aon neart agat ar an gcinneadh a dhéanfaidh siad.

Relax! You’ve no control over the decision that they will make.

Bíodh an diabhal aige! Níl neart air anois!

To hell with it! There’s nothing that can be done now! (lit. let the devil have it, there’s no control over it now)


And, to finish…

Ní neart go cur le chéile

There is no strength without unity (lit. there is no strength until coming together).


Ar mhaith leat go mbeadh do chuid Gaeilge ag dul ó neart go neart? Tá neart agat air sin, ar ndóigh….cláraigh le haghaidh ranganna ar líne le All About Irish!

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